egram’s Phrase Properties

September 8, 2009


Egram has rudimentary models of English phrase properties and grammar.  (No one should mistake these for anything but toy-program models.  That is not the point of egram.)
Here are egram’s phrase properties.  Each phrase may one or more of:
CompSent: A compound sentence, made from two sentences with a conjunction in the middle.
Sent:  A sentence, made from a subject and a predicate.
Pred:  A predicate; a verb phrase.
Subj:  A subject; a noun phrase.
AdjPhr:  An adjective phrase, made from an adjective and a noun phrase.
ConjPhr: A conjunctive phrase, made from a conjunction and a sentence.
DetrmPhr:   A determiner phrase, made from a determiner and a noun phrase.
NegPhr: A negative phrase, made from a negator and a verb phrase. 
NounPhr: A phrase made from a noun. 
ObjPhr:  A phrase which can be the object of a transitive verb.
PrepPhr: A phrase made from a preposition and a noun phrase. 
VerbPhr: A phrase made from a verb. 
BareNoun:  A vocabulary item, a noun.  E.g.  ‘raven’.
MassNoun: A vocabulary item, a kind of noun.  E.g.  ‘blood’.
PropNoun:  A vocabulary item, a kind of noun.  E.g.  ‘Torkel’.
Adj:  A vocabulary item, an adjective.  E.g. ‘white’.
Verb:  A vocabulary item, a verb.  E.g.  ‘attack’.
Adv:  A vocabulary item, an adverb.  E.g. ‘inexorably’.
Detrm:  A vocabulary item, a determiner.  E.g  ‘the’.  
Plur:  A phrase property: plural. 
Prep:  A vocabulary item, a preposition.  E.g.  ‘of’.
Sing:  A phrase property: singular.
Conj:  A vocabulary item, a conjunction.  E.g.  ‘but’.  
Trans:  A phrase property: transitive.
Neg:  A vocabulary item, a negator.  E.g.  ‘does not’.

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